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2 WEEKLY SA MIRROR NEWS Friday 24 February 2023 BREASTFEEDING VS BABY FORMULA MILK MATERNAL: The baby formula milk industry lashed over exploitative marketing practices By Monk Nkomo not idealise the use of formula nor exploit poor sci- unabated due to their power which influenced na- breastfeeding protection measures. Baby formula milk companies are a power- ence to create an untrue story to sell more products. tional political decisions and interfered with inter- South Africa has been cited as having passed ful industry which raked in billions of rands in national and national regulatory processes. profit annually through exploitative marketing ‘’ Breastfeeding is a collective responsibility of national legislation in 2012 to implement the Code systems to sell their products which discouraged society and we call for more effective promotion, ‘’The powerful influence of the formula indus- into law. ‘’ However, this took nine years with mothers to breastfeed their babies. support and protection for breastfeeding includ- try and the marketing of their products in violation many setbacks resulting from industry lobbying. ing a much better trained healthcare workforce of the Code, continues into the 21st century and Formula milk manufacturers formed a new lobby These are some of the findings of the 2023 Lan- and an international legal treaty to end exploita- even more insidiously with digital social media group, the Infant Feeding Association, which ap- cet Series research on Breastfeeding which was tive formula milk marketing and prohibit political and artificial intelligence to target individual wom- plied pressure for amendments to the regulations.’’ conducted in South Africa and the United Kingdom lobbying’’, said the Series authors who included en. Sales from commercial formula milk have rap- on February 8 and 10 this year. Dr. Chantell Witten of the Centre of Excellence in idly increased over the past 20 years and now stand According to the Series authors , the outsourc- Food Security at University of the Western Cape at more than $ 55 billion a year.’’ ing of lobbying allowed the corporations to pro- The authors of the Series interrogated baby and Dr. Kopano Mabaso, Senior Programme Of- ject an image of benevolence and corporate social formula companies’ predatory marketing prac- ficer, Health Africa, at the Bill and Melinda Gates A new review of 153 studies, conducted for the responsibility, suggesting that they can adequately tices and their commercial formula lobby. They Foundation. Series, also detailed how marketing practices in self-regulate through corporate policies on respon- also highlighted the economic and political power violation of the Code had continued in nearly 100 sible marketing. However, their self-regulation fell of the dominant companies and the public policy Witten said creating an enabling environment countries including South Africa and in every re- far short of compliance to the Code. failures that result in millions of women not breast- for mothers to optimally breastfeed their babies gion of the world since its voluntary adoption more feeding as recommended by international health needed a whole-of-society approach with stronger than forty years ago. Formula milk companies also drew on the organizations that included the World Health Or- monitoring and enforcement of our regulations to credibility of science by sponsoring professional ganisation (WHO). control the marketing of formula milk for children. The formula milk industry continued with their organisations , publishing sponsored articles in exploitative marketing processes because it had es- scientific journals and inviting leaders in public ‘’ In a novel analysis, the Series describes how The Series authors established that formula tablished a network of trade associations and front health onto advisory boards and committees. This profits made by the formula milk industry benefit milk industry’s marketing exploitation continued groups that lobbied against the Code and other led to unacceptable conflicts of interest within the companies located in high-income countries while public health sector. the social, economic and environmental harms are widely distributed and most harmful in low – in- Governments , healthcare departments and come countries such as South Africa.’’ communities and broader action across the work- places was urgently needed to effectively end the One of the Series authors, Professor Linda marketing tactics and industry influence of formula Richter of the Department of Science and Innova- milk companies and support women who wanted to tion – National Research Foundation of Excellence breastfeed, according to the Series authors. for Human Development at Wits University, said the formula milk industry used poor science to sug- They also called on governments and employ- gest , with little supporting evidence , that their ers to recognize the value of breastfeeding and care products were solutions to common infant health work, by actions such as extending the duration of and developmental challenges. paid maternity leave to align with the six months WHO - recommended duration of exclusive ‘’ Adverts claim specialized formulas alleviate breastfeeding. Breastfeeding outcomes improved fussiness, help with colic, prolong night-time sleep when health systems actively empowered women and even encourage superior intelligence . Labels and enabled experienced peers to support women use words like ‘brain’, ‘neuro’ and ‘IQ’ with im- during pregnancy , childbirth and onwards. ages highlighting early development , but studies show no benefit of these product ingredients on ‘’ Half a billion working women globally are academic performance or long-term cognition’’. not entitled to adequate maternity leave. A sys- tematic review of studies found women with a The Series authors said one common reason minimum of three months maternity leave - paid women introduced formula milk was that they or unpaid- were at least 50 percent more likely to interpret unsettled baby behavior , especially dis- continue breastfeeding compared to women return- rupted sleep and persistent crying in the first few ing to work three months of giving birth.’’ months of life, as signs that their breast milk was insufficient. Some women chose not to breastfeed or were unable to. Richter said marketing techniques by baby formula companies violated the 1981 WHO Inter- ‘’Perceived pressure or inability , to breastfeed national Code of Marketing of Breastmilk Substi- – especially if it is at odds with a mother’s wish tutes, to which countries agreed that labels should – can have a detrimental effect on mental health. Systems should be in place to fully support all mothers in their choices.’’

Friday 24 February 2023 NEWS 3WEEKLY SA MIRROR DETAILS; Kaizer Motaung jnr the sporting director at Kaizer Chiefs briefing the media on what they can expect at the derby on Saturday TOP THREE; Orlando Pirates background staff Phumudzo Manenzhe,Thando Khoza with Sindisiwe Khumalo Sibisi Evile Dukashe with Onele Ludidi Lupi Ngcayisa with Zonke Msa Tserane with Asanda Peters SOWETO DERBY CONF AND ZONKE’S LISTENING SESSION Whenever Orlando Pirates and Kaizer Chiefs meet, expect fire- Our roving photographer SIPHO MALUKA also attended Tumi Nkosi with Nthabiseng Molapo works as was seen at the Vodacom Soweto derby conference at Zonke’s 6th studio album listening session held at the Club the Vodacom centre graced by both club’s luminaries during the Yamaha where guests were treated to an eargasmic experience week. of sounds from the maestro

4 WEEKLY SA MIRROR NEWS Friday 24 February 2023 WHY THE SABC WON’T PLAY SOBUKWE’S VOICE RECORDINGS DIS-REMBERING: First president of the PAC remains a muted philosophical voice even in death - 45 years after his demise REVOLUTIONARY; Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe will go down in history as an unflinching Africanist to the end SON OFTHE SOIL: The late pipe-smoking Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe will never be forgotten’ By Ali Mphaki but it continues to be a source of grave concern that tion of more and more of these weapons. In spite of “Then there is the Indian foreign minority Sobukwe’s legacy and intellectual tradition contin- all the diplomatic talk of co-existence, these blocks group. This group came to this country not as im- On Monday, February 27, it will be exactly 45 ues to be marginalized in the contemporary South each behave as though they did not believe that co- perialists or colonialists, but as indentured labour- years, roughly 394200 hours, and an estimated African academic, political and public media spac- existence was possible.” ers. In the South African set-up of today, this group 1419120000 seconds, since the passing on of es, alludesThando Sipuye, an executive member of is an oppressed minority. Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe. the Africentrik Study Group at the University of On Africa’s neutral position in the world Sobukwe (Fort Hare). Sobukwe was unflinching: “There is again a scram- But there are some members of this group, the Were he still alive, Sobukwe would be looking ble for Afrika and both the Soviet Union and the merchant class in particular, who have become forward to celebrate his 99th birthday on Decem- “Sobukwe continues to be a muted philosophi- United States of America are trying to win the loy- tainted with the virus of cultural supremacy and ber 5. He died at a relatively young age of 54. He cal voice whose socio-political content and intel- alty of the African States. Afrika is being wooed national arrogance.” Indeed Prof, as Sobukwe lies buried in Graaf-Reinet, where his remains were lectual depth are yet to be explored,” he avers. with more ardour than she has ever been. was fondly called by his comrades, was a project interred on March 11, 1978. To this day Sobukwe’s Adds Dr Luvuyo Dondolo, the director of the gone too soon. Pity there are no recordings of his death remains shrouded in controversy. Centre for Transdisciplinary Studies. “Sobukwe “Africanists reject totalitarianism in any form speeches - the SABC has never aired any, if they belongs to a generation of significant, but lonely, and accept political democracy as understood in have them in their archives. His comrades insists he was poisoned by agents intellectual leaders, distinguishable by their devo- the west. We also reject the economic exploitation of the apartheid regime. The official version is that tion, dedication and determination. of the many for the benefit of a few. We accept as Spokesperson for the public broadcaster Mmo- he died from complications of lung cancer. policy the equitable distribution of wealth aiming, ni Seapolelo did not respond to our media inquiry He had a specific mission in life and refused as far as I am concerned, to equality of income when asked why Sobukwe remains muted. Dubbed “he most feared man in South Africa, to give up, even in death. We remember his intel- which to me is the only basis on which the slogan Sobukwe the pipe-smoking founding president of lectual and political contributions in the liberation of “equal opportunities” can be founded. Borrow- PAC veteran Kenneth Mokgatle said they have the PAC is largely credited for the events of March struggle, more so his consistent selfless devotion to ing then the best from the East and the best from been knocking on various doors to try and obtain 21, 1960, in Sharpeville, which led to apartheid de-colonial discourse”. the West we nonetheless retain and maintain our Sobukwe’s voice recordings but so far their efforts police mowing down at least 69 people, most of distinctive personality and refuse to be the satraps have borne no fruit. He said the PAC was of the whom were shot in the back. But it is when Sobukwe himself speaks, that or stooges of either power block.” view that there was a deliberate effort to silence his foes and comrades alike should take heed. Take The victims were part of thousands of march- a cursory read of his speech in 1959 and compare Coming to South Africa Sobukwe was instruc- Sobukwe forever, and that he blamed the ANC ers to the local police station in protest against the to what is going on in the world today, particularly tive: “In South Africa we recognise the existence government for perpetuating apartheid policies carrying of the (reference book) dompas. History Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine. of national groups, which are the result of geo- meant to muzzle and obliterate Sobukwe’s memory will record that events of that day catapulted the graphical origin within a certain area as well as a from public consciousness. Struggle against apartheid to a higher level and “We are living today. Sons and Daughters of shared historical experience of these groups. The drew widespread international condemnation. the Soil, fighters in the cause of African freedom, Europeans are a foreign minority group, which has “We find is strange that there is a voice record- we are living today in an era that is pregnant with exclusive control of political, economic, social and ing of former ANC president Nelson Mandela re- Sobukwe was arrested at the Orlando police untold possibilities for both good and evil. In the military power. corded during the celebrated Rivonia Trial, but we station in Soweto on that fateful day, where he and course of the past two years we have seen man struggling to find anything of Sobukwe,” he said. his comrades had gone to hand themselves over as breaking assunder, with dramatic suddenness, the It is the dominant group. It is the exploiting a result of not being in possession of their dompass. chains that have bound his mind, solving problems group, responsible for the pernicious doctrine of Mokgatle added that they heard there were which for ages it has been regarded as sacrilege White Supremacy, which has resulted in the humil- some recordings of Sobukwe being kept “some- He was charged with and convicted of incite- even to attempt to solve. iation, and degradation of the indigenous African where” and they were determined to work flat out ment, and sentenced to three years in prison. Af- people. In short, it is this group which has misman- to obtain them. True, my generation has never ter serving his sentence, he was continuously kept However, in spite of all these rapid advances aged affairs in South Africa just as their kith and heard his voice - and may never (judging by the on Robben Island at the discretion of the Minister in the material and physical world, man appears to kin are mismanaging affairs in Europe. On the In- way things are going). of Justice. This procedure became known as the be either unwilling or unable to solve the problem dian merchant class in South Africa, Sobukwe had “Sobukwe Clause” and he kept in solitary confine- of social relations between man and man. Because this to say: But one thing certain, Prof’s teachings will ment living in a separate area on the island where of this failure on the part of man, we see the world echo forever. he was strictly prohibited from contact with other split today into two large hostile blocks, the so- prisoners. Sobukwe was released in 1969 and was called Capitalist and Socialist blocks represented @ Several events have been planned country- allowed to live in Kimberley with his family, but by the U.S.A. and the Soviet Union respectively. wide to commemorate Sobukwe’s Day on Monday. remained under house arrest. These two blocks are engaged in terrible com- He completed his law degree with the help of a petition, use tough language and tactics, employ local lawyer, in Galeshewe, and he then started his brinkmanship stunts which have the whole world own practice in 1975 in Kimberley. Two years lat- heading for a nervous breakdown. They each are er in 1977 he was hospitalised due to lung cancer. armed with terrible weapons of destruction and continue to spend millions of pounds in the produc- He died on February 27, 1978. Indeed, South Africa may have attained its democrary in 1994,

Friday 24 February 2023 CONSUMER & LEGAL MATTERS 5WEEKLY SA MIRROR Consumer Eye AWARD-WINNING 060 936 2673 CONSUMER EDITOR LOOKS INTO YOUR COMPLAINTS SOLAR PANEL CONTRACTORS EXPLOIT DESPERATE CLIENTS LOW: There are low your needs and the structure of your home to advise levels of understanding on the type of system you require. This is important by consumers about as the CPA does not protect you if you buy incorrect this technical product equipment. You are only covered if you provided the correct specifications or communicated the purpose By By Thuli Zungu for which you want to use the product for and the Load Shedding has brought more misery and se- product is not fit for the purpose communicated. rious headaches to consumers than ever before. Those who opt for generators have to pay more to *Obtain several quotes and verify the credentials keep the home fires burning and equally so with of the installer; those who choose to install solar panels in their homes. *Ensure that the system is installed by a qualified, accredited installer and that the contract you sign in- The Consumer Goods and Services Ombud cludes the provision of a Certificate of Compliance. (CGSO) has observed an uptick in the number of Insurance companies and manufacturers will repudi- complaints relating to the purchase and installation of ate your claim if the system was not installed by an solar systems and generators. accredited installer. From 1 February, 2022 to 9 February 2023, the *Ensure that the inverter and batteries are in- CGSO had received 202 complaints relating to so- stalledwith surge protection as most warranties do not lar systems and generators. The most common type cover surge damage; of complaints relating to this category of complaint include the non-issuance of Compliance Certificates; *Do not pay the full amount upfront and familiar- non disclosure of the criteria that need to be met for ise yourself with the terms and conditions and do not a Compliance Certificate to be issued or additional try to fix any problems or tamper with the equipment fees that needs to be paid. Some companies accept as this will nullify the warranty. payment and fail to deliver the goods or install the systems within agreed timeframes. There is also poor workmanship and installa- tions that do not meet safety standards, according to Magauta Mphahlele, the Ombuds of the CGSO. War- ranties are not being honoured and incorrect equip- ment purchased either by consumers or on behalf of consumers and suppliers refusing to accept returns. “There are no aftercare services and this is coupled with misleading advertising relating to the type, size and wattage of inverters, solar panels and batteries,” says Mphahlele. There are also inflated prices for panels, inverters, batteries and installation services. “Of the 134 com- plaints dealt with thus far, consumers received redress in 36% of the cases including R277 273 paid back in refunds. “Other redresses included the replacement of faulty inverters, solar panels, generators and batteries as well as the rectification of substandard workman- ship.” Mphahlele, noted that 46% of the cases had to be terminated owing to a lack of cooperation from suppliers. “This is of great concern to us as it means that complainants did not receive any redress. This outcome proves that there are high levels of noncom- pliance around the Consumer Protection Act in this sector and we call on suppliers and installers of solar systems and generators to ensure that their service standards meet the requirements of the CPA and other manufacturing and safety standards required in terms of other laws of this country”. Mphahlele also noted that the nature of the com- plaints received indicated low levels of awareness and understanding by consumers of the highly tech- nical product and installation specifications of solar systems and generators. “Consumers are, generally speaking, not clued up on the requirements of systems or their limitations. As a result, consumers are suffer- ing enormous financial losses by purchasing incorrect equipment and or appointing unqualified installers.” She warned against going the Do It Yourself route as in many instances, this would nullify any manufacturer’s warranties. The CGSO offers the fol- lowing tips to consumers wishing to insulate them- selves from poor service and expensive mistakes: · Before purchasing or installing a solar system, contact a qualified and trusted solar installer to assess

6 WEEKLY SA MIRROR BUDGET Friday 24 February 2023 IS THERE LIGHT IN THE TUNNEL OF GOVT’S ENERGY PLANS? PROVISION: Energy incentives announced by Finance Minister Enoch Godongwana hold out hope for a future with diminished loadshedding problems, but pessimism remains… By Isaac Moledi incentive for businesses will be available for two current financial year. This amount includes the He believes that adding anything like that kind Future power provision in South Africa was years while that for households will be available for 79c/kWh recommended by NERSA and a 25c/ of installed capacity to the grid in South Africa stamped this week when National Treasury an- one year, the Minister said. kWh incentive tariff added by the CoCT for this could be a game-changer. But, in order for that to nounced in its 2023 Budget two tax relief meas- pilot project. The CoCT has additionally dropped happen, other municipalities have to be willing to ures to lure businesses and individuals to invest The energy incentives follow President Cyril requirements that power sellers be net consumers follow Cape Town’s example, he says. in renewable energy and increase the country’s Ramaphosa’s State of the Nation announcement of electricity and will pay them in cash rather than electricity generation. last month that new tax incentives will be intro- through credits on their municipal accounts. Other experts agree with Cruise, saying such duced for individuals to install rooftop solar panels. investments can really help to reduce load shed- The measure, announced on Wednesday by Reacting to the CoCT initiative, Matthew ding, which is said to have increased by four times Finance Minister Enoch Godongwana as part of The City of Cape Town (CoCT) was the first Cruise, head of Business Intelligence at Hohm last year to about 8.1TWh and disrupted a total of 3 the R13 billion allocated for this year’s tax breaks, province in the country to announce last month that Energy, a leading provider of turnkey solar energy 775 hours across 205 days. makes provision for R4 billion in relief for house- it will begin paying businesses and residents for solutions, said the new provisions had the potential holds that install solar panels and R5 billion for feeding surplus power into the grid. The announce- to be a game-changer for reliable electricity sup- Independent energy analyst Clyde Mallinson companies through an expansion of the renewable ment was welcomed, with one industry expert say- ply in Cape Town. “With business owners able to was quoted as saying that, while much will depend energy incentive. ing the initiative offered a glimpse into the future of earn from supplying power to the grid from June on the nature, timing and scale of the investments, power provision in South Africa and provided the and homeowners before the end of the year, rooftop the introduction of at least 5 GW of new solar by While Godongwana’s announcement was model for the country’s future of electricity supply solar power especially becomes viable for a much year-end could make a major contribution to reduc- widely welcomed, it drew criticism at the same for and consumption. greater body of people.” According to Cruise, ing the intensity of load shedding in 2024. falling short of the expectations. Some industry ex- while a good solar installation, even one that is perts questioned why batteries and inverters were In terms of the CoCT initiative, users feeding funded through a loan or bond extension, will typi- An analysis conducted recently by Meridian specifically excluded in this initiative, arguing “so- back into the grid will be paid R1.04/kWh for the cally pay for itself in five years, that amount of time Economics showed that had an additional 5 GW of lar panels by themselves will be absolutely useless is dramatically reduced by being able to feed back variable renewable energy capacity (both wind and in assisting any consumer with load shedding”. The into the grid. It also means that the same businesses solar) been installed last year, 71%, or 5.8 TWh, of shortage of solar panels and qualified individuals that have been so crippled by load shedding can get the power cuts implemented in 2022 would have with the authority to issue certificates of compli- their operations back on track while contributing to been eliminated. The figure could have been re- ance were cited as impediments to the initiative. its eventual eradication. duced by over 90 percent had Eskom had the finan- cial and logistical wherewithal to deploy its diesel- In terms of the Treasury’s announcement, He believes that the policy adopted by the fuelled open-cycle gas turbines (OCGTs) more which purportedly aimed to mitigate crippling mother city is in line with those successfully imple- optimally, according to the Meridian Economics loadshedding while simultaneously adhering to the mented by other countries and regions around the analysis. According to Cruise, concerns that hand- requirements of low-carbon economy, individuals world. California, Germany, Vietnam, and South ing over power generation to businesses and in- who install rooftop solar panels from March 1 2023 Australia have all paid business and domestic roof- dividuals would adversely affect the poor, whose will be able to claim a rebate of 25 percent of the top solar users to feed back into the grid and have electric consumption has always been subsidised cost of the panels, up to a maximum of R15 000. shored up their energy reserves as result. by wealthier consumers, are effectively meaning- This can be used to reduced their tax liability in the less in the face of the expensive diesel turbines that 2023/2024 tax year. “In fact, rooftop solar in Vietnam grew by more Eskom uses to produce 2000MW to reduce load than 2000% between 2019 and 2021, accounting shedding. According to Godongwana, from March 1, for upward of 9GW of the country’s installed ca- businesses can reduce their taxable income by 125 pacity. By way of comparison, that’s equivalent to Such concerns, he says, also ignores the poten- percent by investing in renewable, with no thresh- more than 20% of the country’s total running ca- tial job creation and skills development that will olds on the size of the projects that qualify. The pacity as of December last year,” Cruise says. inevitably come with widespread solar installations from homes and businesses. FORGING PATH FOR and other public contexts, overtly dealing with ARTISTS WITH DISABILITIES matters and politics of the body as a site of con- PERSPECTIVE: Project is set to unleash the ings, workshops and a master class aimed at art- tested works. Opening night at the legendary expertise of creatives living with disabilities... ists, thinkers, scholars and practitioners who are Market, will see the premiere of the collaborative interested in an all- inclusive practice and perfor- play by Calvin Ratladi, Chuma Sopotela, Andile By WSAM reporter In the upcoming five-days, a jam packed pro- mance. Lively conversations with seasoned artists Vellem, Nadine McKenzie, Thulani Chauke, For the longest time creatives living with dis- gram comprising a series of performances, screen- will be the cornerstone of all the activities at the Hlengiwe Madlala, Sello Sebotsa, Teresa Phuti abilities have been cast aside by traditional the- five-day fest. Mojela, Anathi Conjwa, Nceba Gongxeka and Si- atres that made no attempt to assimilate them, phenathi Mayekiso. no matter how good their offering were. Adding Oupa Sibeko’s play will set the ball rolling salt to injury, has been the systematic deprava- at t the iconic theatre. The interdisciplinary artist Befittingly, Ratladi who’s last year’s SAFTA tion of their own spaces where they can explore whose work straddles theatre, gallery, scholarly winner for Outstanding Person with Disability, is self- expression. deeply immersed in the arts. A producer, director, actor, designer and the artistic administrator for Thanks to the Goethe- Institute in co-opera- the Calvin Ratladi Foundation. The mover and tion with Festival Theater for men, their support shaker has been bestowed the honour of curating has led to the fruition of “A Gathering in a Better GIABW. World” (GIABW) in collaboration with the Centre for the Less Good and the Market theatre. This international theatre project is also a col- laborative and interdisciplinary initiative seeking This project is set to unleash the expertise of to create a global networks for artists with dis- artists living with disabilities. Focusing on their abilities. This is critical since there are hardly any perspectives, it’s definitely going to create a space structures for, or offers directed towards them. for shared experiences when it hits the Market the- atre in Newtown, Johannesburg, from March 1-5. “The Johannesburg gathering is intended to go beyond “just another inclusion project” that does not attract daily audiences and engage artistic re- flections that relate to people living with disabili- ties” cautions a hopeful Ratladi. All the creatives living with disability ask for, is support during the one week that can transform a lot of people’s thinking, encourage and initiate a trajectory that forges a path where inclusion be- come a norm in our theatres. Tickets are available from www.webticket. co.za For information and a full programme visit www.markettheatre.co.za

Friday 24 February 2023 PERSONAL FINANCE/BUSINESS 7WEEKLY SA MIRROR FAKE FUEL RACKET TRIPS UNSUSPECTING MOTORISTS By Isaac Moledi ILLICIT: About 200 cases of illicit fuel trading adulteration – especially in Limpopo and Mpuma- South African motorists should brace them- reported in Limpopo and Mpumalanga langa. selves for another hike in the price of fuel next week and some experts have cautioned motor- advised to stick with brands they have come to trust sumers; the impure fuel is turning our cities into According to the South African Petroleum In- ists to check if the diesel being pumped into their and avoid the temptation of purchasing products at pollution hotspots, reducing engine efficiency, dustry Association’s long-term sales data, which vehicles and generators is not unadulterated. a price that is clearly abnormal versus the competi- weakening national productivity and dragging the represents the major petroleum and liquefied pe- tion. economy down,” says Hinterland. According to troleum gas companies in the country, the base “Not only do South Africans have to bear the Dipela, the South African Petroleum Retailers As- consumption of illuminating paraffin in the coun- brunt of the volatility of fuel prices driven by fac- “Adulteration of transport fuel, which is cur- sociation (SAPRA) has reiterated government’s try was roughly about 600,000 kilolitres per year. tors including Russia’s invasion of Ukraine which rently a flourishing business in our country, can warnings about increasing instances of criminality Over the past three years, however, it has doubled has shaken the markets Motorists now need to con- lead to economic losses, increased emissions and at the pumps, reporting at least 200 cases of illicit to reach some 1.2 million kilolitres per year. Dipela sider whether the diesel being pumped into their deterioration of performance and parts of engines. trading since November 2020 which include diesel says this raises serious concerns about where all that vehicles and generators is not unadulterated,” cau- extra paraffin is being used, pointing to increased tions Mpho Dipela, Director and shareholder of Fuel adulterators are not just cheating con- levels of oil adulteration. The scale of the problem Royale Energy. has now reached a critical level of oil adulteration. The scale of the problem has now reached a critical He describes adulteration as the addition of a level and needs to be addressed immediately. liquid fuel such as kerosene or illuminating paraf- fin to diesel.Dipela’s warning follows the latest data from the Central Energy Fund (CEF) which points towards a sharp rise in the petrol price and seemingly a more modest diesel price hike, the ac- tion he believes will put more financial pressure on consumers. It also follows an alarm raised by the Mineral Resources and Energy department last year on diesel-paraffin mixtures being sold as die- sel at some petrol stations. This information was also confirmed by sam- ples collected, according to Dipela. The department described the diesel-paraffin mixture as an inferior quality product that can damage vehicles, reduce their efficiency and increase the emissions of harm- ful pollutants. Warning that the selling of this adul- terated diesel to unsuspecting customers as illegal, the department said it was working on a marker to ensure greater traceability of paraffin in diesel. According to the latest daily snapshot from the CEF, the 95 unleaded petrol is looking set to increase by around R1.22 from next Wednesday, March 1, while 93 unleaded is likely to go up by about R1.26. Diesel, on the other hand will increase by about 36 cents a litre for both grades, while il- luminating paraffin could see a hike of around 42 cents, assuming the current trends persist between now and the end of this month. According to Dipela, oil adulteration in South Africa poses a massive new frontline security risk to the country’s fuel supply. He says as South Af- rica is heavily dependent on imported fuel, his company has special measures in place to protect supply and logistics of the product. “The price of diesel at the pump is not regulated in South Africa and therefore will differ. However, the source of the product is mostly the same, being a locally refined or finished product imported by the oil majors. This means that it is not uncommon to find differences in diesel pricing even in rural ar- eas,” says Dipela.The price is not just dependent on the cost of crude oil, but also on domestic demand. This is because all imported diesel passes via vari- ous retail stations and depots before finally making its way onto the nation’s roads. “But some retailers sell the diesel at much high- er margins as the product may not be 100% diesel but instead mixed with paraffin. The addition of a liquid fuel such as kerosene or illuminating paraffin to diesel is known as adulteration. This produces an inferior quality product that can damage vehicles, reduce their efficiency and increase the emissions of harmful pollutants.” Hinterland, an agricultural retail company, says since diesel products all make its way inland via the pipeline or road transport and ends up in the tanks at our local filling station. This begs the question: Why would some retailers sell diesel up to R2 per litre cheaper than their competitors if the cost base is similar? The answer, the retail company says, may be that consumers are actually not buy- ing diesel, but rather a mix of diesel, paraffin/jet fuel and some heavy furnace oils added in an at- tempt to alter the lab test results and therefore the cost base is actually vastly different. Motorists are

8 WEEKLY SA MIRROR OPINION/ANALYSIS Friday 24 February 2023 TOUR: Pope Francis on a walkabout during his trip to Africa early this month. By Elizabeth Schmidt HANDS OFF cal future and mineral wealth. Civilian populations, Pope Francis’s recent visit to the Democratic whose death toll has surpassed 5.5 million, have Republic of the Congo has focused world atten- AFRICA been the biggest losers. Displacement and econom- tion on a “forgotten genocide” in a region long ic collapse have led to hunger, disease, and malnu- exploited by outsiders and devastated by the IMPERIALISM: It is high time that the trition. Women and children have been especially consequences of endless wars. For more than a affected. More than 200,000 women and girls have century, Congolese rubber, ivory, and minerals devastating impact of foreign intervention in been raped and brutalized, while tens of thousands have enriched the coffers of colonial and Cold of children have been abducted and forced to work War powers, and after the Cold War, China, Africa be taken as seriously as those in Europe as fighters, miners, cooks, porters, and sex slaves. neighboring countries, and the West. The people and their labor have been ruthlessly exploited, ported separatist movements that would ensure that sociates. Valuing Mobutu as its regional policeman, Externally imposed peace accords, designed their bodies brutalized, their villages plundered, Congolese mineral wealth would remain in West- the US turned a blind eye to his atrocities until the by political and economic elites, have led to new their women raped, and civilians murdered. ern hands. Cold War ended and Washington severed its ties. regimes that have perpetuated many of these abu- sive practices and failed to address deep structural “Hands off the Democratic Republic of the In the decade that followed, the CIA helped in- The withdrawal of US military support ren- inequalities. Unresolved are the distribution of land Congo! Hands off Africa!” Francis told the cheer- stall compliant political leaders and trained a mer- dered Mobutu vulnerable to a pro-democracy and resources, the impunity of armed groups and ing crowd. “We cannot grow accustomed to the cenary army that quelled a Lumumbist insurgency movement and to rebel forces that had challenged their external backers, and the absence of respon- bloodshed that has marked this country for dec- in the east. Mercenary pilots bombed railroads, his rule since the 1960s. After the 1994 genocide in sive government, rule of law, and a security sector ades, causing millions of deaths that remain mostly bridges, and populated areas, while mercenary and neighboring Rwanda, genocide perpetrators, aided that can protect the civilian population. Pro-de- unknown elsewhere. What is happening here needs Congolese soldiers raped, robbed, and killed civil- by France, fled to Congo from where they launched mocracy activists, members of the internal political to be known.” ian populations. In 1965, following a coup d’état attacks and plotted a return to power. Rwanda and opposition, and civil society more generally, were by CIA protégé, General Joseph-Désiré Mobutu, Uganda, in turn, backed rebel forces that drove not party to the discussions or included in the new What needs to be known is the role that out- the US threw its support to the military strong- Mobutu from power in 1997 and seized control of governments, which were often installed after elec- siders have played in instigating and exacerbating man, helping him establish a sophisticated, well- the embattled state. tions plagued by corruption and violence. Congo’s endless wars. Dominating the public re- equipped army that transformed Congo into a re- lations campaign, perpetrators have successfully gional powerhouse. For the next three decades, his The most recent spate of Congo wars, launched Outsiders have initiated or worsened the situ- blamed victims for their own plight. While local corrupt and brutal dictatorship wreaked havoc on in 1996, continue to plague the country. The con- ation. Most of the Great Lakes countries and oth- actors certainly deserve a share of the blame, their Congo while enriching Mobutu, his family, and as- flicts have attracted foreign armies and their local ers from East, Central, and Southern Africa have impact has been intensified by external support. proxies, who have fought over the nation’s politi- been involved, supporting various factions and pillaging the country’s mineral wealth. Rwanda, Congo’s exploitation by outsiders began in the especially, has backed numerous rebel forces and 16th century, when the territory became a major used Congo’s resources to rebuild its post-genocide source of slaves for Brazil. Following the aboli- economy. UN peacekeepers have failed to protect tion of the trans-Atlantic slave trade in the 19th civilian populations and have often participated in century, Congo was pillaged for rubber and Ivory. the abuses and plunder. King Leopold II of Belgium claimed Congo as his personal fiefdom and imposed a harsh labor regime There is no doubt that instability in Congo is that consumed five to eight million lives between the product of both internal and external factors. 1890 and 1910 and left countless others maimed Long-standing political, economic, and social in- and disabled. When the atrocities were exposed, equalities, the legacies of colonial and Cold War international outcry, both by humanitarians and by practices, and the determination of political and fellow imperialists who hoped to gain Congo for economic elites to protect their power and wealth themselves, forced Leopold to relinquish the terri- have led to numerous domestic conflicts that for- tory to Belgium in 1908. Exploitation continued, eign interests have exploited. Although the pres- although severed hands and mass murder were no ence of Rwandan genocide perpetrators served as longer a prominent feature. the immediate justification for intervention in the 1990s, this rationale masked many others. Congo’s As the “wind of change” blew over the Afri- mineral riches attracted the attention of outsiders, can continent in the 1950s and’60s and anticolonial who looted the country’s wealth to build their own. activists forced imperial powers to grant political Although the UN, the African Union, and African independence, the Cold War superpowers vied with sub-regional bodies sponsored several plans to es- one another for influence. Congo, rich in strategic tablish stability and a framework for a new political minerals and bordered by nine other territories in order, their efforts were hindered by the competing Central, Southern, and East Africa, was a coveted interests of their members and the failure to address prize. the underlying causes of local conflicts. Following Congo’s independence in June It should not require a celebrity visit to focus 1960, it became a key Cold War battleground in world attention on African conflicts that have taken Africa. The West, including Belgium and the US, millions of lives, especially when outsiders have along with white settler states and foreign mineral provoked and intensified these endless wars. It is companies, targeted then prime minister Patrice high time that the devastating impact of foreign in- Lumumba, whose economic nationalism and politi- tervention in Africa be taken as seriously as those cal nonalignment threatened their interests. Deem- in Europe. ing Lumumba a Soviet stooge, Washington helped Elizabeth Schmidt is emeritus professor of history orchestrate a coup d’état and joined forces with at Loyola University Maryland and the author of Brussels and local opposition forces to assassinate several books on Africa. Her most recent book is the elected leader. Belgium, together with other Foreign Intervention in Africa after the Cold War colonial powers and the white settler regimes, sup- (Athens, OH: Ohio University Press, 2018).

Friday 24 February 2023 OPINION/ANALYSIS 9WEEKLY SA MIRROR SALUDO SEÑOR MAFOKATE EQUESTRIAN: South Africa’s horse-riding legend Enos Mafokate celebrates 79th birthday in Soweto… OCTOGENARIAN: Dubbed Soweto’s Lord of Horses, Enos Mafokate, celebrates his Enos Mafokate from the Winnie Mandela School, Working with such kids has led to the Soweto birthday with the local community. drawn by one of their learners and a jovial perfor- Equestrian Centre forging a working relationship mance of three uplifting songs, sung by a coterie with a Horse Therapy center in Honey-Dew. Our By Tshepo Moloi ntate Enos Mafokate, who was taught to ride horses of the Soweto Creative Arts group. The absence of major clients include the Winnie Madikizela Man- This past Wednesday the 15th of February by her grandfather from the tender age of 10). Ms. Ward 33 councillor Nompumelelo Mazibuko, as dela School, the Mohato School for Autism in Nal- 2023, marked the 79th birthday of the iconic Katlego introduced Ms. Moipone Twala to deliver was listed on the program led to ntate Enos Ma- edi and the Molalatladi Primary School. It is ful- local horse extraordinaire ntate Enos Mosotho a prayer to kick-start the birthday celebrations. fokate formally ending the session, with words of filling to host kids, who come to ride freely at the Mafokate. He was born on the 15th of Febru- thanks and announcements. center from all over Soweto”. He lamented the lack ary in 1944, at 5th Avenue Alexandra Township. Ms. Katlego then highlighted to the guests, of government support. I derive the latter date from him verbally, as his who comprised of a cohort of learners and teach- In a nutshell ntate Enos Mafokate was among identity document (ID), wrongfully states 1946. ers from the Winnie Mandela School and broader South Africa’s pioneering blacks, whose lifetime It is a pity that attempts by miscellaneous community members (from Soweto and elsewhere) of association with horses distinguished him, as scribes and videographers, who narrated about Such misleading details are not surprising as that an interview was to follow between ntate Enos amongst others South Africa’s first black show ntate Enos Mafokate, which may augment efforts those were the heydays of racial oppression, even Mafokate and myself, while others were to resume jumping champion as a ‘groom’ since 1962. Later to illumine how he became the foremost black though 1944 predated the officialising of Apart- horse riding. The next item of drama acted by the in 1977 he was a joint winner of the first multiracial South African stalwart of horses or Morena wa di heid, as government policy under the leadership students of Winnie Mandela School, ended the out- Inanda Club show jumping competition alongside pere (Lord of horses), seems to have been ignored of General James Barry Munnik (JBM) Hertzog’s door session. Anneli Wucherfening -Drummond Hay. As a pair, or downplayed to the broader South African public. (1866 – 1942) National Party (NP), after their vic- they went on to win that same competion 3 times in As a consequence, Ntate Enos Mafokate’s iconic tory in 1948. It ought to be recalled that the NP All present were then invited into the indoor a row (in 1978 and 1979). stature appears to be in oblivion. was an Afrikaner ethnic nationalist party, which hall of the Soweto Equestrian Centre. Ntate Enos singularly promoted the interests of Afrikaners in Mafokate changed into a formal suit and tie and In 1980 ntate Enos Mafokate finally com- Ntate Enos Mafokate’s 79th birthday marked South Africa. his dapper look complimented the birthday decora- menced competing abroad after being spotted by a life, which persevered from abject poverty yet tions, on the walls and tables which were colour- the Welsh rider David Broome. Owing to Apart- evolved to witnessing a successful career as a As the custodians of Apartheid, the NP gov- fully laced out across the venue. heid, ntate Enos Mafokate’s solid working rela- horseman. To date Enos Mafokate has been happily erned South Africa from the 4th of June 1948, span- tions with Anneli led to her penning a letter to the married to Grace Mafokate since 1964 and their ning until the 9th of May 1994. The latter details Ntate Enos Mafokate towered over what ap- late Queen Elizabeth II, to request permission for loving union, has been blessed with seven children are critical, in attempts to comprehend that ntate peared, as a chocolate flavoured cake which pro- this black South African to compete in the Wem- (3 boys and 4 girls). Enos Mafokate was treated, as just another kaffir (a truded with the number 79 and gleefully addressed bley Royal International show in England. This heathen incapable of achieving much due to their his audience. Then entrepreneur and avid horse competition was strictly reserved, for horse riding Two of their famous boys, include the famous pigmentation as blacks instead of their ability). rider Mr. Muzi Kunene III was called up and he champions. South African kwaito musicians Arthur Mafokate imparted a few words of support, to ntate Enos Ma- (the third child) and the late Mark Antony (the Ntate Enos Mafokate’s 79th birthday pro- fokate and the budding horse riders in the audience. The Queen agreed and ntate Enos Mafokate as- fourth child). The latter was otherwise commonly gramme comprised of both an outdoor and indoor He expressed to me his wish, for a polo team from tonishingly achieved 5th place, in the competition called Oupa ‘Makhendlas’ Mafokate (1971-1998). sessions. The outdoor items were aptly led by Ms. Soweto. out of 31 champions. After plenty other achieve- Since last month’s gloomy news regarding Arthur Katlego Mafokate (the eldest grand-daughter of ments over the years, in 1988 ntate Enos Mafokate Mafokate’s shenanigans of fraud and corruption, Ms. Katlego Mafokate returned to announce assisted by 2 boys established a horse riding school, linked to his Non-Profit Organisation (NPO) the two pleasant surprises, a gift of a portrait of ntate which operated under the banner of the ‘Society for South African Art and Development Association the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals’ (SPCA) in (SAADA), which is alleged to have squandered Nancefield, Soweto, now called the ‘Peoples Dis- a R56, 3 million grant from the National Lottery pensary for Sick Animals’ (PDSA). Commission (NLC), the Mafokate surname may seem to be tarnished at present. In 1992 at the Barcelona Olympics in Spain, ntate Enos Mafokate was selected as the first black Thankfully besides ntate Enos Mafokate’s re- South African show jumper, to accompany the cent 79th birthday celebrated at his Soweto Eques- South African squad. trian Centre with mostly aspirant riders, Arthur Mafokate’s vibrant 22 year old daughter Owami Then in 2007 the City of Johannesburg (COJ) Melodee Mafokate’s entertaining contents on so- under mayor Amos Masondo gifted ntate Enos Ma- cial media platforms Tiktok and Instagram, ought fokate stand no 1679/1680, located on Vundla and to contribute towards redeeming the Mafokate the corner of Lefatola, in Moroka, where he built brand. If hindsight is the best sight, then more ven- the current riding School as the ‘Enos Mafokate tures are vital, to acquaint ntate Enos Mafokate to Equestrian Foundation’, nicknamed ‘Soweto the South African public. This unique 79th birthday Equestrian Centre’. The latter is a non-profit rid- convinced me, that this living legend must receive ing school. Among its chief aims is to improve the his flowers. welfare of cart horses in Soweto and open the elite *Dr Tshepo Mvulane Moloi is Postdoctoral Re- world of horse riding to people, who can not afford search Fellow at Ali Mazrui Centre for Higher to ride horses. Education Studies at the University of Johannes- burg. He writes in his personal capacity In our interview ntate Enos Mafokate explicat- ed that “We work with autistic children from Ade- laide Tambo School for the Physically Challenged.

10 WEEKLY SA MIRROR FASHION/LIFESTYLE Friday 24 February 2023 ODE TO ‘BRA GIB’ - DOYEN OF TOWNSHIP THEATRE CONTRIBUTION: Granddaughter and protégé team up to celebrate the legendary playwright’s legacy... Gibson Kente is a legend of South African theatre and he is being honoured through a typically fast paced musical called How Long Mfowethu, which is a medley of his popular productions, Lifa, Sikalo, The Call and How Long. By Victor Mecoamere Linda Sebezo, who appears in The Black Door, Martin Koboekae is a novelist, stage and many ways, and I especially gained immensely an e-tv adult drama, for which she has received screen director and a writer of dramatic from his wisdom and peerless nous as a counsel- Two students of departed Father of township two 2023 Royal Soapie Awards nominations, productions for both television and the lor.” theatre, Gibson Kente, have teamed up with the for best actress and best villain, respectively. stage. iconic thespian’s granddaughter, Nono Kente, Nono Kente, Koboekae and Sebezo luckily to pen and direct a poignant tribute titled How son, Feza, also late – to continue with a series of we had to do something to preserve his dignity.” received funding from the Presidential Stimulus Long Mfowethu. interconnected events to ensure that the world re- While Sebezo literally matured under Kente’s Programme and were thus able to stage How Long members the immense contribution that The father Mfowethu at the Uncle Tom’s Hall in Orlando Koboekae is a theatre and screen director, play- of township theatre had made to the arts and culture astute gaze at the iconic thespian’s Dube, Soweto West, Soweto on February 2 and 3. Koboekae and wright and novelist who is best known for the long sector in South Africa, especially at the height of home, Koboekae’s relationship with Kente started Sebezo have fused excerpts from Bra Gib’s Sikalo, running SABC 3 comedy, Ga re dumele and the the Nation Party’s Apartheid inspired oppressive, in North West in the seventies. Said Koboekae, Lifa, The Call and the self-same How Long to cre- stage play, Steve Biko: Where the soul resides, al- suppressive and repressive rule. “Back then, in Christiana, where I was born and ate How Long Mfowethu. though he has been writing since the early nineties; raised and attended school, the only decent perfor- and his portfolio includes two novels, Taung wells, “In November 2021, fourteen artists, includ- mance venue was a community hall in nearby Jan “For me, the man about whom I read in news- which was published in 2004 and The Cleanser, ing Linda and I, Feza and several Good Samaritans Kempsdorp, where – as a starry eyed teenager in papers like The World and followed his interviews which was published in 2014, as well as theatre mounted the first in a series of tributes to Bra Gib’s school uniform (black shoes, grey trousers, white on radio, has to be honoured in the manner in pieces including Short Hair, Flat Nose; The Dream, tombstone, by laying a tombstone in his honour; shirt, red tie and black jacket) – I saw Bra Gib’s which Linda, Nono and I are doing, together with The Bush Tale, and Kgolo – Journey To Discov- and we wanted to stage shows showcasing his work How Long, the iconic musical, in 1977 and from several other artists, and this started with the lay- ery, which is a Setswana musical play that Koboe- to keep alive his memory, but we were stymied by then, onwards, I was hooked. In the nineties, when ing and unveiling of a tombstone in Bra Gib’s hon- kae write together with Karabo Kgokong. lack of funding,” Koboekae said. Julian (Seleke Mokoto) and I conceived and staged our,” said Koboekae. Adding, Sebezo said, “It did the Stop Crime Drama Festival, the first few estab- not sit down well with me, to see Bra Gib’s grave Sebezo, who has been a stage and theatre per- Sebezo added, “It had been seventeen years lished artists who assisted us, logistically, included being bare, abandoned and not being respectfully former for more than four decades, is currently ap- since the doyen of township theatre had died, and Bra Gib, Sello Maake ka Ncube and Maggie Wil- adorned. pearing in the popular e-tv adult drama, The Black his grave (at the Roodepoort Cemetery) was un- liams (the actress daughter of the late stage and Door, for which she has coincidentally notched two kempt and no befitting of a man of his stature; so screen performer, Sam Williams). Throughout the Now that we have since staged the first two 2023 Royal Soapie Awards nominations for best as artists – most of whom were trained in acting, years, since then, I collaborated with Bra Gib in shows in Soweto, our wish is to stage How Long actress and best villain, respectively. Sebezo has deportment, singing, dancing and social etiquette – Mfowethu in East London, Eastern Cape, where he also appeared in the Mzansi Magic soapie, Greed was born. Coincidentally, there is a theatre, there, and desire, and the SABC1 sitcom, S’Gudi Snayisi. that has ben named after Bra Gib.” Added Koboe- For theatre, Sebezo has performed in Koboekae’s kae, “The Eastern Cape province was Bra Gib’s musical, Location 73 and Julian Seleke Mokoto’s happy hunting ground. He would surely smile in Moneymaker. his grave, if we were to stage How Long Mfowethu there, for sure.” Interestingly Sebezo portrays a foul mouthed and no nonsense brothel queen in both The Black Weekly SA Mirror has learnt through the grape- Door and Moneymaker. What’s more, both Koboe- vine that Xoliswa Nduneni-Ngema, the CEO of the kae and Seleke Mokoto are formerly the prodicers Joburg City Theatres (namely the Joburg, Soweto of the much respected Stop Crime Drama Festival, and Roodepoort Theatres), is spearheading a cam- which sought, nurtured and rewarded future play- paign to honour Bra Gib in a big way. A related wrights, actors, theatre directors, lights persons and event is planned for the Soweto Theatre in Jabulani, stage managers by encouraging township youths to Soweto at the weekend. It is hoped that the Joburg fashion plays with a strong anti-crime message. City Theatres will match the Eastern Cape govern- ment, who named a theatre in East London after the Speaking to Weekly SA Mirror, this week, unsung arts and culture giant; or at least by match- Koboekae and Sebezo said they were teaming up ing the Market Theatre in Newtown, who have with How Long Mfowethu’s producer, Nono Kente named one of several performance spaces there, – who is the daughter of the late Gibson Kente’s after the legendary playwright, Barney Simon.

Friday 24 February 2023 FASHION/LIFESTYLE 11WEEKLY SA MIRROR CAN COVID INFECTIONS AFFECT THE BRAIN? TESTS: Doctors concerned about possible long- term effects of the virus on people’s quality of life… By WSA Correspondent including anxiety and depression, months after COVID-19 with the scans of 148 people who did spread functional changes in each of the 12 net- infection,” said Dr Clarissa Yasuda, of the Univer- not have a COVID-19 infection. works that were tested, while the group without MINNEAPOLIS – People with long Covid who sity of Campinas in São Paulo, Brazil. “Our find- symptoms showed changes in only five networks. experience anxiety and depression months af- ings are concerning, as even people with a mild The people with COVID-19 and anxiety and ter a mild case of COVID-19 may have brain case of Covid-19 are showing changes in their depression had shrinkage in the limbic area of the “Our results suggest a severe pattern of chang- changes that affect the function and structure brain months later. More studies are needed to brain, which plays a role in memory and emotional es in how the brain communicates as well as its of the brain, according to a preliminary study hopefully identify treatments to prevent any long- processing, while the people who had COVID-19 structure, mainly in people with anxiety and de- released this week. term effects on people’s quality of life.” The study without anxiety and depression and the people pression with long COVID syndrome, which af- involved 254 people with an average age of 41 without COVID-19 had no brain shrinkage. fects so many people,” Yasuda added. “The mag- These findings will be presented at the Ameri- who had a mild COVID-19 infection an average of nitude of these changes suggests that they could can Academy of Neurology’s 75th annual meeting three months earlier. Participants completed tests Researchers also looked at brain function and lead to problems with memory and thinking skills, being in Boston, United States from April 22 to to assess symptoms of depression and anxiety. A changes in connectivity—how the brain com- so we need to be exploring holistic treatments 27. The academy is the world’s largest association total of 102 people had symptoms of both anxiety municates—between areas of the brain. Using a even for people mildly affected by COVID-19.” of neurologists and neuroscience professionals, and depression and 152 people had no symptoms. special type of software to analyse brain networks with over 38,000 members, whose mission is to with resting-state brain activity, they looked at 84 A limitation of the study was that symptoms provide the highest quality patient-centred neuro- Participants also had brain scans. Research- people from the asymptomatic group, 70 people of anxiety and depression were self-reported, so logic care. ers looked at damage to the brain’s grey matter from the anxiety and depression group, and 90 people may have misjudged or misreported symp- to determine if there was brain shrinkage. They people who did not have COVID-19. toms. “There is still much to learn about long Covid, also compared the brain scans of the people with The study was supported by the São Paulo Re- which includes a wide range of health problems, Researchers found that the group with both search Foundation. symptoms of anxiety and depression had wide- By WSAM Correspondent LAXATIVES regularly used laxatives, or 1.3 percent, developed dementia. Of those who did not regularly use laxa- MINNEAPOLIS – People who regularly use LINKED TO tives, 1,969 people, or 0.4 percent developed de- laxatives, a common treatment for constipation, DEMENTIA mentia. may have more than a 50 percent increased risk of developing dementia than people who do not STIMULANT: Study finds that people After adjusting for factors such as age, sex, use laxatives. who regularly use such remedy to relieve education, other illnesses and medication use, and constipation might have increased risk of the a family history of dementia, researchers found This is according to a study published on condition... people who regularly used laxatives had a 51 per- Wednesday this week in the online issue of Neurol- cent increased risk of overall dementia compared to ogy®, the medical journal of the American Acad- people who did not regularly use laxatives. emy of Neurology. Researchers also found people who used only osmotic laxatives, a type of laxative The risk of dementia also increased with the that attracts water to the colon to soften stool, had number of laxative types used. For people using an even greater risk. one type of laxative, there was a 28 percent in- creased risk, compared to a 90 percent increased Other types of laxatives are bulk-forming, risk for people taking two or more types of laxa- stool-softening, and stimulating. The study does tives. not prove that laxatives cause dementia. It only shows an association. However, among people using only one type, only those taking osmotic laxatives had a height- “Constipation and laxative use are common ened risk, with a 64 percent increase compared to among middle-aged and older adults,” said study those who did not use laxatives. author Feng Sha (PhD of the Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology at the Chinese Academy of “Finding ways to reduce a person’s risk of de- Sciences in Guangdong, China. mentia by identifying risk factors that can be modi- fied is crucial,” said Sha. “More research is needed “However, regular laxative use may change to further investigate the link our research found the microbiome of the gut, possibly affecting nerve between laxatives and dementia. If our findings are signalling from the gut to the brain or increasing confirmed, medical professionals could encourage the production of intestinal toxins that may affect people to treat constipation by making lifestyle the brain. changes such as drinking more water, increasing dietary fibre and adding more activity into their Our research found regular use of over-the- daily lives.” counter laxatives was associated with a higher risk of dementia, particularly in people who used multi- A limitation of the study is that dosage infor- ple laxative types or osmotic laxatives.” mation for laxatives was not available so research- ers could not explore the relationship between vari- Sha noted that osmotic and stimulant laxatives ous laxative dosages and dementia. are not recommended for regular use, yet some people use them regularly. The study was funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, Shenzhen Science The study involved 502 229 people in the UK and Technology Program and the Chinese Acad- biobank database with an average age of 57 who emy of Sciences. did not have dementia at the start of the study. Of this group, 18,235 people, or 3.6%, reported regu- The American Academy of Neurology (AAN) larly using over-the-counter laxatives. Regular use is the world’s largest association of neurologists was defined as using a laxative most days of the and neuroscience professionals, with over 38 000 week during the month before the study. members. The AAN is dedicated to promoting the highest quality patient-centred neurologic care. Over an average of 10 years, 218 of those who

12 WEEKLY SA MIRROR FOOD AND WINE Friday 24 February 2023 By Len Maseko BOOZE-,FREE MIXOLOGIST: Joe Mthimkhulu, aka Many will agree that Covid and its lockdowns SPIRITS “Barman Joe”, who is Lyre’s brand changed our lifestyles and how we view life and relationships, and, for a large number, their SIZZLE WITH ambassador in South Africa. drinking habits. WITH SPUNK & selling cocktails. Some now attest to drinking in moderation FLAVOUR “To make any of the classic cocktails, anyone compared to their pre-Covid wild-partying days, can make a frictionless swap of a Lyre’s non-alco- while others have stopped consuming alcohol CATEGORY: Lyre’s seems to have almost holic spirit for the original alcoholic ingredient, and completely, thanks to the Covid booze bans. Of perfected the art of creating alcohol-free spirits deliver all the benefits of a premium sophisticated course, those who have stopped boozing might that go a long a way to filling the space of their serve without compromise’’. well be experiencing withdrawal symptoms; while alcohol counterparts… for others changing to alcohol-free lifestyle might Karl Fielding, vice-president for the Middle have been the best decision they had ever made, all East and Africa for Lyre’s, says the company cur- for varied personal reasons. rently sells one bottle every 30 seconds in over 60 countries across multiple channels, including di- Some reasons may perhaps be health-related; rect-to-consumer, and in leading restaurants, bars, and for others beckoning days of sobriety may hotels, retailers, and airlines. All products are ve- well provide a much-needed opportunity for self- gan, and packaging is 100 percent recyclable, he reflection while repairing damaged relationships says. that may have suffered from long periods of alco- hol abuse. He confirms that the non-alcoholic sector is un- dergoing a revolution in terms of popularity as an Fortunately, the post-Covid change in lifestyle increasing number of people are choosing to avoid trends has spawned the growth of a drinks cate- alcohol on certain occasions or abstain from it com- gory that was previously quite miniscule, but now pletely. is rigorously taking hold throughout the world – and that is, non-alcoholic beverages, which have “The 18–35-year-old demographic are spend- become a perfect substitute for those who do not ing more time than ever across social sharing plat- want to cut themselves off completely from the forms and building their own identity. We know friends who are still enamoured with nightlife and that post-Covid consumers are spending more time the adventure of pub crawls. being social, out with friends, but also want to capitalise on their free time with rewarding experi- Yet, the non-alcoholic category has provided a ences like going to the gym and experimenting with choice to those who still want to enjoy their alco- things like mixology and cooking. “ hol, but might sometimes feel like imbibing some- thing other than tipple, while still feeling inclusive “…the entire non-alcoholic category has grown in a boozing company. Better still, those who have significantly; this is really driven by an increase in previously felt out of place in this company can moderating alcohol consumption and a thirst for el- now thankfully enjoy a mocktail or two without evated drinking experiences for drinkers and non- missing out on the fun. drinkers alike. Globally nearly a third of people are not consuming alcohol when they are out.” Coincidentally, this is the market major alcohol companies have been gradually targeting, introduc- Fielding says the ‘mindful drinker’ is moderat- ing non-alcoholic editions of their famous brands ing their consumption of alcohol. “Whether this is to cater for this burgeoning group of teetotallers, taking part in ‘non-drinking’ months and occasions who still enjoy going to clubs and lounges for the or just drinking less when they are out, people are fun of it. driven by taste and experience rather than alcohol strength. This has led to the growth of both the non- In this space has notably emerged Lyre’s, re- alcoholic and low-alcoholic cocktail trend.” putedly the world’s awarded non-alcoholic spirits company with a growing global footprint. Lyre’s Mthimkhulu (aka Barman Joe) concurs that the produces a range of non-alcoholic portfolio of 18 sober curious movement is driven by an increased alcohol-free classic spirits, five ready-to-drink need to moderate alcohol consumption and a thirst coolers in cans and a non-alcoholic sparkling wine. for interesting drinking experiences for drinkers and non-drinkers alike. Founded in 2019 by entrepreneurs Mark Liv- ings and Carl Hartmann, Lyre’s prides itself on “There have always been people who choose providing “the world’s most comprehensive and not to drink or who want low alcoholic drinks but awarded solution for mindful drinking, equivalent with the surge in popularity of non-alcoholic offer- to the most popular spirits in a non-alcoholic for- ings there are so many options available that you mat”. can have a drink that tastes just as good as its alco- holic counterpart.” According to mixologist Joe Mthimkhulu (Barman Joe), Lyre’s South Africa brand ambas- Lyre’s line-up includes Dry London Spirit sador, the sober curious movement is driven by an (a substitute for a London Dry style Gin), Italian increased need to moderate alcohol consumption Spritz (for the Spritz), American Malt (adored by and a thirst for interesting drinking experiences for Bourbon lovers), Coffee Originale (for an Espresso drinkers and non-drinkers alike. Martini) and White Cane Spirit (to make White Rum-based cocktails). Mthimkhulu says out of Lyre’s portfolio of pre- mium non-alcoholic spirits, a bartender or anyone At a recent launch of Lyre’s spirits at Rose- at home can create 90 percent of the world’s best- bank’s Sin+Tax Bar, Mthimkhulu took the guest through the routine of making mean some classic cocktails. Mocktails like G & T, Espresso Martini and Daiquiri amazingly oozed similar strength, aroma and flavour as though spiked with alcohol, instead of Lyre’s non-alcohol spirits.

Friday 24 February 2023 MOTORING 13WEEKLY SA MIRROR MOTORING: Briefs HAVAL H6 GT CITROEN C5 X BEST A DECENT ATTEMPT AT LARGE CAR SHAPING HOW SUVS LOOK The Citroën C5 X has been awarded DIFFERENT OFFERING; The sportier looking Haval H6 GT the ‘best large car’ prize by WWCOTY (Women’s World Car of the Year). This DISTINGUISGED our roads - in the full knowledge that they are en- jury was created in 2009 to allow women joying more driving for less... in the automotive world to express their vi- DESIGN: Its striking sion of the models coming onto the market. Lucky ..... I suspect most of them are account- appearance is enviable, ants.. Sales figures dont lie as Haval products daily An all-female jury of 63 automotive gets snapped from showrooms/floors etc.The com- journalists from 45 countries on five con- standing out from the pany’s business and customer base has also grown tinents has the tough task of selecting the phenomenally over the years. best cars in six categories (large car, per- crowd formance car, urban car, large SUV, 4X4 Enter the new Haval H6 GT. Launched in South and family SUV). By Ali Mphaki DRIVER CENTRIC: Inside you find driver Africa late last year, the sportier-looking Haval H6 Its taken me some time to warm up to the Haval heated seats, a 10-inch digital instrunent, GT presents a different offering to the H6 SUV, The Citroën C5 X won the “Best brand. Like all things novel, introduced in South wireless charging etc in a modern setting while still complementing the H6’s current distinc- large car” category and will now compete Africa five years ago a wholly-owned subsidiary LED dylights it conjured up images of a councillor’s tive style language. against the other five winners in the final of Great Wall Motors, GWM, I simply dismissed house decorated for the festive season. round to determine the overall winner of the brand as some Sardines trying to swim with The Haval H6 GT is a blend of coupé-inspired the WWCOTY’s top award. The winner sharks. More like a Christmas tree, if you like. What is design merged with the practical accolades of a will be announced on March 8 Interna- not in dispute, however, is that the Haval brand has modern SUV. tional Women’s Day. But in all fairness, i may have miscalculated. captured both the imagination and the purse strings Thing is it was not love at first sight for me when of the discerning South African motoring public. The standout styling, a unique design feature THINKBIKE ROAD SAFETY my eyes first ogled their popular Jolion derivative. And you just have to see the happy faces of those of aero side skirts, enhanced visual accents, semi- CAMPAIGN Haval owners or drivers on our roads. Autonomous Driving, and most importantly, curb Each time the Jolion appeared with its array of appeal makes it their most dynamic SUV to date. ThinkBike Marshals™, the ThinkBike They probably are the most happiest people on Road Safety Campaign and the Motorcycle And it’s not just that sloping roofline with a pan- Safety Institute are co-ordinating activities STREAMLINED BODY: The slopping roofline with a panoramic sunroof and a roof-mount- oramic sunroof that sets it apart. The Haval H6 GT for MAM ’23 to be held during April this ed spoiler and a lip spoiler enhances the fastback rear sports offers a more streamlined body, wheel arch year, culminating in a MAM presence at cladding as well as gloss black accents, and carbon African Bike Week to be held on the South fibre inserts on the front and back. Coast from April 28-30. The rear is finished with a roof-mounted spoiler MAM is intended to reinforce the need and lip spoiler enhancing the fastback rear. Love it for road safety and to promote motorcy- or hate it the Haval H6 GT’s striking appearance is cling as a lifestyle choice. enviable, and has a knack of standing out from the crowd. Participating and supporting the initia- tive could be as simple as wearing/display- To further tantalise your taste for more, the ing a yellow patch on your riding gear, to Haval H6 GT offers the driver: 235/55 R19 sporty displaying an MSI/ThinkBike sticker on alloy wheels in a black finish, gloss black roof rails your vehicle, to providing media exposure, and exterior mirrors, and subtle yet noticeable aero- to supporting the initiative financially by dynamic kit with aero side skirts and sporty rear dif- means of donations, sponsorship, and dis- fuser. counts to the motorcycling community. Under the bonnet is the 2.0-litre turbo petrol en- ThinkBike Marshals self-fund the gine which packs 155kW @ 6000r.p.m and 325N.m. ThinkBike Road Safety Campaign, and @ 1500r.p.m. The power is delivered through a any/all contributions received during the 7-speed DCT. MAM initiative will be applied to the cam- paign. With this and more, I have no option but eat humble pie and say with the new Haval H6 GT, the ULTIMATE FESTIVAL OF brand proves it is innovative and capable of provid- AUTOMOTIVE EXCEL- ing consumers with vehicles that are efficient, and LENCE stylish. The organisers of the dormant Geneva What further works for the Haval H6 GT is that motor show have announced aggressive it is more competitive in terms of pricing, The Haval plans first to lend their expertise to the run- H6 GT is on sale at R629 950, while the H6 line-up ning of an “ultimate festival of automotive starts at R479 950. excellence” in Qatar later this year, and then to bring back a traditional Swiss show Pricing includes a 5year/ 100 000km warranty in Geneva’s Palexpo exhibition centre in and 5 year / 60 000km service plan. February 2024. The Geneva organisers believe the Qa- tar event, which they call GIMS (Geneva International Motor Show) Qatar, can at- tract 200,000 visitors to Doha, the capital of a country that bills itself as the “most open” in the region, and which is currently basking in the success of the recent foot- ball World Cup. The new motoring festi- val will be staged between 5-14 October and is scheduled to run every two years thereafter, coinciding with this year’s Qa- tar F1 Grand Prix already scheduled be- tween 6-8 October. The event is a part of a bold move by Qatari authorities to build the coun- try’s tourist numbers, currently running at around two million a year, to six million by 2030. The aim, they say, is to convert Qatar “from a stopover to a destination.” WHAT NEXT FOR USED EVS? Plummeting used electric car values are in danger of knocking the wind out of the sails of the new EV market, warn experts. Speaking to Car Dealer, pricing experts and retailers say they are concerned about the dramatic drops EVs have suffered in recent months. The falling values are already putting some car dealers off restocking electric cars and making finance – based on the fu- ture values of these cars – more expensive to obtain. Auto Trader said electric car val- ues dropped -2.1 per cent in January com- pared to December – and this is against a 0.2 per cent rise in used cars in the same period. Auto Trader’s Ian Plummer said: ‘The fall in used EV prices is concerning.

14 WEEKLY SA MIRROR SPORT Friday 24 February 2023 BLOMME BLOSSOMS IN THE NMB CHAMPIONSHIP Sweden’s Adam Blommé leads after Thursday’s first round PRECISION: The Swedish took full of the Nelson Mandela Bay Championship with a 63 at advantage of the ideal conditions and the Humewood Golf Club. Credit: Tyrone Winfield. The attached image is free for editorial use only. lack of wind to entrench his number one status on the Challenge Tour’s Road to Mallorca standings By Sports Reporter most historic links golf course. Blommé took full him, Moolman has finished no worse than 14th in Gqeberha local Lyle Rowe, who knows this GQEBERHA (Eastern Cape) – Sweden’s Adam advantage of the ideal conditions and the lack of his last three tournaments. And in the group on sev- course better than most and is relishing playing in Blommé uses his words with the same precision wind to entrench his number one status on the en under, Coussaud has finished no worse than 13th front of his home fans this week, echoes this ap- as a scalpel as he describes the course strategy Challenge Tour’s Road to Mallorca standings, and in his previous three tournaments in South Africa. proach. that earned him a 63 and the first-round lead in confirm his good form coming into this event. the Nelson Mandela Bay Championship at Hu- When you consider that further back on six “When you play this golf course, you need to mewood Golf Club on Thursday. “Keep the ball “We were lucky with the draw. There was no under par lies JJ Senekal, last week’s SDC Open be patient. You’ll get good and bad bounces that are in play. Hit greens. Make putts. Nothing new”. wind out there in the morning,” he said on a day champion, and Casey Jarvis, who has finished in out of your control, and that’s links golf.” when one of his playing partners, Ireland’s Conor the top-10 in his last two tournaments, then it will His round of nine under par puts him one stroke Purcell, remarked that it was hard to believe his take something to separate a group of golfers all The other defence of this course is the wind, clear of South Africa’s Pieter Moolman, with the own round of five under par was the worst score playing very well at present. but it’s been a fairly calm build-up to Thursday’s quartet of South African Anthony Michael, French- in their group. first round. man Ugo Coussaud, Scotland’s Craig Howie, Eng- It is indeed a unique week for specifically the land’s Jack Singh Brar and Swede Henric Sturehed “This course is built for wind. We need the Sunshine Tour professionals, playing a links course “It would be nice if there’s a little breeze for all well placed on seven under par in this Sunshine wind to pick up to make it challenging. I wouldn’t that has hosted five Investec South African Opens, this golf course. It just makes it a little bit more Tour and European Challenge Tour co-sanctioned mind a bit of wind to be honest,” said Moolman. with Ernie Els winning his national Open here in interesting,” said Rowe. tournament. 2006. It’s a golf course that has a framed letter The first round certainly rewarded the in-form written by Bobby Locke in its clubhouse in which This is the fourth and final tournament of the And then Blommé adds, “No links shots what- golfers in what is the fourth and final event on the he declares his fondness for this layout. And at its Sunshine Tour-Challenge Tour South African soever today”. That was the most telling comment Sunshine Tour and Challenge Tour’s South African heart is a mercurial set of fairways and greens, the Swing. It’s been a good run so far for the Southern on day one of this tournament on South Africa’s Swing. sheer unpredictability of which is what competitors Africans on this stretch with wins by Zimbabwe’s so love about the links game. Benjamin Follett-Smith and South Africans Oliver Blommé has finished second and tied seventh Bekker and JJ Senekal in the last three tourna- in his last two tournaments in South Africa. Behind ments.– Michael Vlismas. MALETSATSI TO SHINE ON event stand out and be truly memorable. AFRICA’S FIRST NETBALL The 2023 Netball World Cup will be the first WORLD CUP FINALS to be held on the African continent, and the name MASCOT REVEALED: “Letsatsi” is a South African word and translated ‘I have chosen a meerkat means “sun”, to honour the country’s bright fu- because meerkats work ture. The hashtag #ItsTimeForAfricaToShine fur- together as a team and ther re-inforces the theme. The NWC is certain are native to South to usher in a new dawn for netball and allow the Africa.’ sun to rise for many of Africa’s women and young girls. By Sports Reporter As meerkats are beautiful in nature, Letsatsi The announcement of the official mascot comes ENDEARING: Maletsatsi the 2023 Netball World Cup mascot was designed to reflect both the awe-inspiring following a competition that was held, with the beauty of South Africa as a country and Africa as theme being “What does netball mean to me”. a continent. The beauty of the host country is re- flected through its nature, various cultures and its There was a resounding response with entries rich history. But most of all, the natural beauty of coming from all parts of the world, and the judges the country is what sets it apart from others. finally decided that the 11-year-old Cassidy had created the winning design. Letsatsi is fluffy in appearance with dark ears and large eyes surrounded by dark patches. She In her entry, Violet had said: “Netball brings has mascot animal feet with rubber soles. Her tail me happiness. I have chosen a meerkat because has a dark tip made of various colours which in- meerkats work together as a team and are native clude the colours of the tournament. Her multi- to South Africa.”. In recognition of the fact that coloured dress was inspired by the World Cup’s meerkats are one of the few species capable of celebration of the sunrise across the African sky. collaborating, the mascot was designed to keep She represents the cultures of South Africa and the world united in order to make this prestigious Africa by wearing colourful beads on her hands, feet and neck. Meerkats have captured the attention of tel- evision and film audiences around the world be- cause of their endearing appearance and interest- ing social behaviour, just like the sport of Netball has captured the attention of its audience across the world. Besides being beautiful, Letsatsi has an in- teresting social behaviour. Netball is her favour- ite sport and she views it as an excellent way to connect with others. Her passion for the sport is reflected in the fact that she always carries Kg- anya – the official 2023 Netball World Cup ball – around with her so she can play with people wherever she goes. To further create excitement for the first Net- ball World Cup to be held on the African conti- nent, she radiates positive vibes and energy for all netball fans. The young and energetic Letsatsi is look- ing forward to meeting millions of people from around the globe at the 2023 Netball World Cup 2023 in Cape Town, South Africa.

Friday 24 February 2023 SPORT 15WEEKLY SA MIRROR SPORTS: Briefs WHAT TO KNOW ABOUT THE 2023 BAL SEASON DEMIRAL, RONALDO, AND MESSI HELP QUAKE VICTIMS By Sports Reporter LET THE GAMES BEGIN: Teams, The wait for the third season of the Basketball conferences and game schedule announced Following this month’s earthquake that shook Africa League (BAL) is almost over and we ahead of 2023 season tipping off March 1 Turkey and Syria, Turkish soccer star Merih Demi- bring you what you need to know about the ral is organizing a fundraiser to support victims of league’s expanded third season. DEBUTANTES: Cape Town Tigers Basketball Club to fly the SA flag high the devastation in his home country From the schedule, teams’ BAL history to host around the world.” Rwanda, Senegal, and Tunisia qualify automati- Demiral, who plays for Italian Serie A club cities, find your guide for the 2023 BAL Season. FIBA Africa President and BAL Board Presi- cally to the BAL while the remaining six teams Atalanta, is auctioning off jerseys and kits of su- Just like the last BAL Season, the 2023 BAL cam- earn their tickets through a FIBA-run Road to perstar players like Cristiano Ronaldo as well as paign will tip off in the Senegalese capital of Da- dent Anibal Manave noted: “Judging from the BAL Qualifiers. World Cup winners Lionel Messi and Gigi Buffon kar, and will finish almost three months later in the quality of the teams that qualified through the to support survivors of the deadly quake, which heart of Africa city of Kigali. Road to the BAL tournaments which ended in Stade Malien, City Oilers, Cape Town Tigers, killed tens of thousands of people. The 24-year-old November last year, we are confident that fans Ferroviario da Beira, Abidjan Basket Club and Demiral told CNN’s Patrick Snell that he had al- The twelve teams, representing twelve Af- and viewers will be treated to top-tier basketball Seydou Legacy Athletique Club clinched the Road ready donated to Turkey earthquake funds, but felt rican countries, will be divided into conferences that reflects the caliber of the talent we have on to BAL tickets. compelled to organize the fundraiser. - Sahara and Nile. The Sahara Conference group the continent.” The five BAL debutants are Kwara phase will be from March 11-21 at Dakar Arena Falcons (Nigeria), Abidjan Basket Club (Cote Since BAL’s inception in 2021, 16 countries “I thought I should do something more … it in the Senegalese capital, while the Nile Confer- d’Ivoire), Stade Malien (Mali), Al Ahly (Egypt), have been represented in the competition, but this was necessary to raise awareness of people of Italy, ence campaign will run from April 26 to May 6 at and City Oilers (Uganda). figure has risen to 18 as Uganda and Cote d’Ivoire Europe, America, all over the world,” Demiral told Hassan Mostafa Indoor Sports Complex in Cairo. will be represented for the first time in Africa’s CNN. More than 48,000 people have died across The champions of Angola, Egypt, Nigeria, premier clubs’ basketball competition. Turkey and Syria since the 7.8 magnitude earth- Each Conference will play 15 games, and the quake on February 6. clubs that finish in the top four places from the Sahara and Nile Conference will qualify for the ALL PLAY MAKES ‘BOKS DULL 2023 BAL Playoffs and Finals. The Springboks’ new Head of Athletic Perfor- There will be eight Playoff Games, with the mance, Andy Edwards, summed it up perfectly - it new champions being crowned kings of Africa is unfair in terms of player welfare to think play- on Saturday, May 27. Hosts of the Sahara Con- ers can just keep performing without ever taking a ference, AS Douanes (Senegal) will go up against break or having a development window. Abidjan Basket Club (Cote d’Ivoire), US Monas- tir (Tunisia), Kwara Falcons (Nigeria), Stade Ma- There are lots of positives to South African lien (Mali) and Rwanda Energy Group (Rwanda) rugby’s switch to northern hemisphere competi- in the regular season. tion at franchise level, but the Bok participation in the Castle Lager Rugby Championship has meant The first game of the 2023 BAL Season will it has also been problematic in terms of creating see AS Douanes take on debutant Abidjan Basket a rest opportunity. And rest, meaning off-season, Club on Saturday, March 11. Among the five BAL has to be followed by a pre-season for strength and debutants are Egypt champions Al Ahly who will conditioning. play in front of their home fans in the Nile Con- ference, which includes Cape Town Tigers (South That is where the current Bok alignment camp Africa), City Oilers (Uganda), Ferroviario da Bei- being held in Cape Town over three weeks comes ra (Mozambique), Petro de Luanda (Angola) and in. Those Boks who have played non-stop since Seydou Legacy Athletique Club (Guinea). last season, and even before that, were given their rest opportunity for four weeks, and now they are “There is incredible momentum leading up to busy with a camp until they return to their fran- the third BAL season, and each of the 12 teams chises on 19 March. have fought hard to earn their spot through intense competition,” said BAL President Amadou Gallo “There isn’t much change from our last World Fall. “We are very excited to see the on-court ac- Cup year in 2019, it is just the timing of the off- tion tip off next month in Dakar and look forward season gap for the top players that has changed,” to delivering world-class basketball and enter- explained Springbok coach Jacques Nienaber.- tainment to our passionate fans across Africa and Supersport News POLOWANE CITY Spurs, JDR Stars and Hungry Lions are all within VERSTAPEN “DRINKS” INVADES HUNGRY a striking distance to claim the passage to the top HEINEKEN LIONS’ DEN tier division. However, the Limpopo side has dis- play drastic improvement in their performance this With under two weeks to go until the launch BATTLE FOR PROMOTION: Rise and Shine will season. With a total of ten matches each to com- of the 2023 season in Bahrain, Formula 1® global plete the season Rise and Shine is every football partner Heineken® have announced a new world- be looking to further strengthen their position at the fanatic favourite to clinch automatic promotion to wide partnership with Dutch, global F1® superstar the DStv Premiership in the 2023/24 campaign. Max Verstappen, ahead of what promises to be yet top of the Motsepe Foundation Championship table another exceptional racing season. The partner- Head coach Duncan Lechesa has worked ship, bringing together the number one Dutch beer By Masoja Cele wonders with team. He has instilled discipline alongside the number one Dutch driver, will aim to and made the players to believe in their game. engage the next generation of fans through a series Polokwane City travel to Northern Cape on DOGGED; Polokwane City coach Duncan Recently, City signed the experience Lucky of creative and meaningful activities, focusing on Sunday to face the aggressive Hungry Lions in Lechesa kaZwelithini ‘’Sheriff’’Baloyi on a free transfer. Baloyi was at responsible consumption. the Motsepe Foundation Championship outing Maritzburg United before but was released early at Windhoek Draught Park Stradium, Kimber- in this campaign.They also enlisted the services of First up will be Player 0.0 - an exciting new ley. Kick-off 15hr00. the former Golden Arrows target man and Lerato gaming initiative that Heineken® and Verstappen Lamola. Coach Lechesa would expect the pair to are working on together, to create a new virtual Heading into this contest, City will be look- guide his youngsters and help the team to gain racing experience for fans culminating in winning ing to further strengthen their position at the top promotion. gamers getting to race against some of the world’s of the Championship table. The Limpopo side best drivers. are drenched with confidence after winning their Nevertheless, against Lions they can’t expect crunch clash against neighbours Black Leopards an easy ride. The Northern Cape side are hard to The current world champion, Verstappen has last weekend and collected another three valuable beat at home. Definitely, Lions would want noth- also been announced as Heineken®’s official 0.0 points against All Stars on Wednesday to ascend ing but to beat City at home to decrease the point’s ambassador to help encourage responsible con- to the summit of the log. City leads the pack with deficit between them. Ditau ate sitting fifth of the sumption, through a series of sponsorship activa- forty points from nineteen outings while Casric log on thirty one points, nine less than the visitors. tions including the ongoing ‘When You Drive, Stars are placed second on thirty eight points. They are also in the race for promotion to the elite Never Drink’ campaign. Lying third is Shaun Bartlett’s outfit Cape Town league. Led by the shrewd Henry Bassie’s, Ditau Spurs on thirty seven points from the same num- have found stability and resilience in their play. BACKROOM STAFF ber of matches played. They have managed to acquire valuable points ANNOUNCED FOR PROTEAS home and away. On Wednesday they got a crucial Though the Championship race is still wide point away to Pretoria Callies. Proteas Test coach Shukri Conrad has an- open, Rise and Shine are amongst the favourites nounced his backroom staff, which includes the to clinch promotion to the DStv Premiership in the The Northern Cape ensemble will be spear- appointment of former New Zealand wicketkeeper 2023/24 campaign. Mathematically, a pack of five headed by their talisman Muzomuhle Khanyi ably Kruger van Wyk as full-time Test fielding coach. teams that includes City, Casric Stars, Cape Town supported by former Kaizer Chiefs MDC player Former Proteas batter and Cricket SA high perfor- the evergreen Tshepho Mohlala. Khanyi who mance batting lead Neil McKenzie will serve as play as an outright striker possess dynamic shot a batting consultant for the two Tests against the on both legs. If left unchecked by the opposition West Indies starting in Centurion on Tuesday. The defence marshalled by the gangling Elliot Seema series is the last for Charl Langeveldt, who will be partnered with the unyielding Ntuthuko Madela. replaced as bowling coach by Piet Botha. The duo is always protective to their goal minder Amos Mokoena. Botha boasts 20 years’ experience, having worked with the Warriors, the Garden Route Badg- If Ditau nurse any hopes of beating City then ers, the National Academy and the SAA side. Other they need to minimise the likes of Lamola and appointments see Matthew Reuben and Sizwe Ha- Mohau Mokate from getting the supply from the debe drafted from the Titans’ technical staff as per- midfielders. On paper Rise and Shine are favour- formance analyst and physiotherapist respectively. ites to win the tie but Diatau will fight the much Runeshan Moodley makes the step up from the anticipated battle until the final whistle. Warriors as the strength and conditioning coach. “We would like to thank Neil for committing himself to the series while the permanent appoint- ment is being finalised,” Cricket SA director of cricket Enoch Nkwe said.

MIRROR SPORTWEEKLY SA Insight to connect the dots... BATTLE OF THE WOUNDED PRECARIOUS: BOTH CHIPPA UNITED AND SWALLOWS FC ARE STILL SMARTING FROM PAINFUL WEEKEND LOSSES TECHNOCRAT VS THE FOX: Swallows FC By Ali Mphaki 10 games remaining, his charges will need coach Ernst Middendorp will face the willy There will be blood on the floor!This is to fight for every point of the possible 30 Chippa United Boys mentor M Mmaila when what football fans can expect when both points on offer to finish the season in a re- their teams clash in a DStv Premiership wounded Swallows FC and Chipa United spectable position. match scheduled for Gheberha on Sunday square-off in a DStv His counter-part former taxi driver and Premiership match in Gheberha on cop the sly as a fox M Mmaila, the Chilli Sunday. Both teams face each other coming Boys coach, despite his cordial relations from a weekend of ignominy where they with club owner Chippa Mpengezi, could were outclassed by their more enterprising do well to heed Socrates when he said opponents. Swallows were hammered 2-nil “friends, there are no friends” and to start by Cape Town City last Sunday, having amassing those crucial points. been pummeled 3-1 by Stellenbosch FC a week earlier. News from Swallows FC camp this week is that they’ve secured services of for- This means Swallows FC conceded five mer Kaizer Chiefs goalkeeper Daniel Ak- goals with only a solitary goal to show for peyi, who if work permit is secured, could their efforts. Chippa on the other hand were make his debut for the Beautiful Birds in bundled out 3-1 (on penalties) in a Nedbank Gheberha. Cup by Polokwane City last weekend, com- ing from a 2-1 loss by Stellies at home. With Swallows FC’s FIFA ban on buy- ing new players lifted, the Beautiful Birds There is not much separating the two can only start soaring high as they also hope sides, except that Chippa with 24 points to unveil a new striker from the continent (three more points) than Swallows are against Chilli Boys this weekend. in 10th position while Swallows with 21 points are hovering dangerously at 14th There is a noticeable excitement among position. the players at training, which can only bode well for Swallows FC going forward. A win for Swallows will see them leap- frog, albeit slightly, to possibly 11th posi- Bouyed by a partisan crowd Chippa tion while a victory for Chippa could see will be no pushover and with their speedy them enter the Top 8 area. wingers will give Swallows defence a tor- rid time. Swallows’experienced German-coach Ernst Middendorp knows too well that with My mind says the game will end in a draw, but my heart goes for a Swallows’ victory.


Who owns the South African media? ›

There are several independently owned newspapers, most notably Mail & Guardian, however the majority are owned by four large publishing groups: Avusa, Naspers, Independent News and Media (owned by Sekunjalo Investments), and CTP/Caxton.

What is the oldest newspaper in South Africa? ›

The South African Commercial Advertiser was South Africa's first independent newspaper and started publication in Cape Town on 7 January 1824.

Who owns the largest media empire? ›

In the 2022 Forbes Global 2000 list, Comcast is America's largest media conglomerate, in terms of revenue, with The Walt Disney Company, Paramount Global, Warner Bros. Discovery, and Fox Corporation completing the top five.

Who are the top 4 media owners in SA? ›

The study found that four of the biggest media operators are black controlled, including eTV, Multichoice, Times Media Group and Independent Newspapers. Several smaller operators also have a substantial black shareholding including Kagiso Media, Cape Town Radio and MSG Afrika.

What is the most widely read newspaper in South Africa? ›

The Daily Sun is a tabloid daily newspaper in South Africa.

What is the most bought newspaper in South Africa? ›

Daily Sun is the largest daily in South Africa.

What is South Africa's biggest newspaper? ›

Daily Sun is the biggest daily newspaper in South Africa.

Who is USA Today owned by? ›

USA TODAY is owned by Gannett Co., Inc. (NYSE: GCI). First Day of Issue - USA TODAY was launched on September 15, 1982.

What 6 companies own almost all the media? ›

  • Comcast. Comcast is a sprawling media and telecommunications business. ...
  • 2. Walt Disney. Walt Disney is home to some of the best-known characters and brands around the world. ...
  • AT&T. ...
  • Paramount Global. ...
  • Sony. ...
  • Fox.

What media is owned by billionaires? ›

Newspapers and magazines that are now under new billionaire ownership include The Washington Post, The Boston Globe, The Los Angeles Times, The Atlantic, Time, and Fortune. These billionaires are often credited with and heralded for saving famous American press institutions from the brink of financial failure.

Who is the number one influencer in South Africa? ›

Top Instagram Influencers
1Dean Schneider @dean.schneider10.1M
2Trevor Noah @trevornoah6.9M
3Boity Thulo @boity6.1M
4Refiloe Phoolo 🇿🇦 @casspernyovest6M
66 more rows

Which is the biggest media house in South Africa? ›

Media24 is South Africa's leading media company with interests in digital media and services, newspapers, magazines, ecommerce, book publishing, print and distribution.

What percentage of South Africa can read? ›

Basic literacy among children in South Africa has declined, a new report from the 2030 Reading Panel has found. Most children leave grade one without knowing the alphabet, while 82% of grade 4 children cannot read for meaning. Only the Western Cape and Gauteng are taking steps to address the literacy crisis.

Which country reads the most newspapers? ›

The World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers (WAN-IFRA) publishes a list of newspapers with the largest circulation. In 2011, India led the world in terms of newspaper circulation with nearly 330 million newspapers circulated daily.

What is the most viewed newspaper in the world? ›

Top newspapers by circulation
The New York TimesUSEnglish
Guangzhou DailyChinaChinese
Nanfang DailyChinaChinese
Rajasthan PatrikaIndiaHindi
15 more rows

What is the most popular South African news channel? ›

News24. South Africa's leading source of trusted news, opinion and insight.

What is the oldest African newspaper? ›

The first African produced paper in West Africa was Charles Bannerman's Accra Herald, produced in 1858 in the Gold Coast (modern Ghana).

What is the oldest black newspaper in South Africa? ›

The first Black newspaper in South Africa, Imvo Zabantsundu (Black Opinion), was published in King William's Town in 1884 with Tengo Jabavu as editor.

What is the largest daily newspaper? ›

The 5 Largest Daily US Newspapers
  • The Wall Street Journal.
  • The New York Times.
  • USA Today.
  • The Washington Post.
  • Los Angeles Times.
Apr 21, 2023

How many people still read newspapers in South Africa? ›

South Africa has a circulation of approximately 45 million newspapers a year.

Who owns independent media South Africa? ›

Sekunjalo Investments

Who owns the South African news? ›

First established in 2003 by Blue Sky Publications Ltd, thesouthafrican.com has evolved to become one of the most-read websites in South Africa.

What is the biggest media company in South Africa? ›

Media24 is South Africa's leading media company with interests in digital media and services, newspapers, magazines, ecommerce, book publishing, print and distribution.

Who owns the African news agency? ›

African News Agency is funded by Sekunjalo Group .


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